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We are devoted to the transformation of the family’s businesses into a diverse multinational company, while upholding the Yousuf family’s core values.

The business was started in the textiles industry where we honed our entrepreneurial skills through the import and export of clothes from a base in the United Kingdom. After the family returned to Zambia in the mid-1990s, we spearheaded diversification into fast-moving consumer goods, fertilizer, mining and fuels.

We are passionate about business development in Africa, especially the role that African businesses can play in delivering sustained economic growth and improving food security for millions across the continent. In the past few years, we have worked extensively with academics and independent specialists around the world to develop new approaches to tackle the challenges the world faces in producing food for an ever-growing population.

We now enter a new phase with consolidation in the DIFC, Dubai and we are proud to be a part of this globally successful initiative. Our trading and development roots lie firmly in Africa where we see tremendous opportunities.



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