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About Us


Zuneid Yousuf

The Founder & Chairman Grand Lion Investment Holdings

Dubai International Financial Centre


Zuneid is a seasoned global entrepreneur with a strong track record in natural resources and one of Africa’s leading businessmen. Based in the UAE with strong roots in Zambia, he has led Zumran to become the leading producer in Zambia’s famed copper belt

Zuneid’s vision is for African business, working hand in hand with international partners, to fuel global growth. He has spent the past 30 years building the relationships, knowledge and experience, both local and global, to deliver on that goal. Today, Zuneid and Zumran Mining and Exploration offer unrivalled opportunities for international partners to access Zambia’s rich natural resources.

A leading businessman in Zambia and beyond

His interests stretch from natural resources to fast moving consumer goods, agricultural technology. An expert on geopolitics, business and investment, Zuneid has been featured in Forbes, New Europe, CNBC, and the UK’s Independent newspaper. A recent profile in Forbes Africa said of his leadership skills ‘Each of his businesses is stamped with his entrepreneurial zeal, integrity and belief in Africa’s resources and potential’.

Zuneid started his business career in the textiles industry, honing his entrepreneurial skills through the import and export of clothes from a base in the United Kingdom. After his family returned to Zambia in the mid-1990s, Zuneid spearheaded the development of the extractive industry in the country through his family business, eventually reaching the commanding position Zumran holds today in the extractive sector and beyond.

In recent years, Zuneid has chosen to base himself and Key Professionals, in the UAE.


About Us


 This has resulted in him developing many and various projects with Local 'Partners'. The synergy that has arisen has led to some outstanding results. Zuneid has been able to provide unique opportunities in both Africa and other jurisdictions. These have been supported locally with the sophistication and entrepreneurial spirit one expects from the GCC region. Such endeavours include, but are not limited to, Agriculture, Mining and Exploration, Hospitality, Trading and innovative Financial Services solutions.




Our Mission is to add value and expand Grand Lion investment foster entrepreneurship, financial engineering, network of relationships, and financial resources.



Our vision is to provide great quality by delivering superior management performance and top of the line services to our clients. An integral part of this vision is delivering superior returns to our shareholders, consistent with our pre-defined risk profile and comparable to other best-in-class corporations. We strive to increase the value of our business while maintaining high ethical values and a commitment to the development of society through integrity and fair business practices.


Ethics, Integrity, vitality, Accountability & Ownership , Work Excellence, Human Capital Asset and Innovation.